Facta is a nonprofit center applying the
scientific method to investigative and data journalism.

Focusing on the Mediterranean region, we experiment with innovative formats.
Facta's method, step by step
Clear hypotheses
Inspired by experts and scientists, the needs of local communities, relevant literature and the public discourse, we define clear and explicit hypotheses to be tested.
Data and literature
The investigation begins: we search for literature reviews, relevant publications and reports, open and public data, and original or citizens' science experiments.
Field reporting
We go into the field to collect stories and experiences, with a particular attention to the ways local communities deal with problems and the solutions they test.
Validation of evidence
Along the way, we ask representative of scientific as well as local communities to give feedback on the process, the data and our hypotheses.
Final publication
In syndication with various media, we publish our final report in an innovative format, along with the entire dataset, curated relevant literature, the full interviews.
We are co-organizing Chips&Salsa - an event on innovative journalism in the mediterranean
June 14, 2019, Genoa, Italy
Our first goal is high quality journalism.

Good journalism benefits from widespread media literacy.

That's why we organize trainings and test digital tools.
We work on topics of interest for the Mediterranean countries. We collect data, find relevant literature, and interview experts and communities. We then publish original reporting complemented by all the ingredients used to produce it -- data, papers, reports and raw interviews -- for you to read and use to change your local reality.
We offer face-to-face and online training courses to help local communities, teachers, researchers, NGOs, policymakers, entrepreneurs and journalists access data and open-source intelligence. We show how to find, analyze and visualize data, as well as how to search and verify online information and user-generated content.
Facta is a clearinghouse for journalistic digital tools. We search, test, review and curate digital tools useful for different purposes. We compare them and make it easier for you to choose and experiment with them so you don't have to spend time scavenging the web, looking for the best resources for your work.
About us
We have worked together for years in multimedia production, data analysis and visualizations.

Many of our projects have been supported by grants and syndicated in national and international media.

Here you can see some of our previous work.
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Facta shares the creative commons philosophy. Our contents and products are licensed under the CC BY-NC 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/).
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